Google Marketing Basics

Google marketing has influenced the way we shop nowadays. Most people now would like to stay in the comfort of their homes and check out what they are buying. Thus, the onset of online marketing, which enables one to check out what they are buying at their own pace.

Whether you are shopping for milk or dresses or tickets, one has the option to check out several choices on the web. Google marketing will help boost your website in search engines. Being the number one search engine, Google applies its strategies in online marketing. Search and ask and Google will provide the answer. Simple and straight to the point.  This is what Google has practiced over the years and this strategy is what made it to the top.

Getting your website to appear in Google would require strategy. A website is as unique as the other. These are guides which can be applied in Google marketing.

Keyword Research
Considered as the starting point of any project, the first thing that you need to do is to focus on your target customers. Know what they want and look for keywords that will drive traffic to your website. There are tools available in Google that will help you in getting those all important keywords. Looking for keywords does not stop from there. During the process you actually touch base with the three elements of Google that happen all the same time when you input a search. These are:

  1. Sponsored links are triggered which causes them to appear on the right hand side of the search page
  2. Google local links are also indexed in the process which triggers a search in local search engines. Google Maps are displayed for location purposes. That is why it would be beneficial to the website owner to enlist in Google Maps
  3. Search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly sites are being searched in the process. The very reason why most websites would need an SEO friendly content.

Google Local
Regardless of what area or place in the globe you are, it pays to start with your local area. In search engines, you would usually input a place or services that you are looking for. If it is in another local area, you have to specify, however if it is in your desired area, the choices will automatically come. These are mostly local listings.  Google will search for the keywords entered.

Making your web pages SEO friendly.
The art of making web pages is Google is called search engine optimsation.  No SEO could guarantee top rank. Only those in Google can do so.  There are two types of SEO, on-page and off page. Off page SEO refers to websites that are to yours. Linking your website to reputable ones is advantageous. It adds more credibility to your website.

Knowing this process would make one aware of how to have a better Google marketing strategy. One process links to the other. Knowing how Google dominates and works the market will give you an insight on how to operate it. Thus, taking advantage of how Google marketing works and places website in search engine rankings.

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