Putting your website up in Google Maps and its benefits

If you are thinking of a way to optimise your website without so much budget to spend, then this service of Google is very useful. Google Maps. This is one of the many free services of Google.

Instead of the old reliable map before, technology has upgraded it big time with Google Maps. With this tool, one will be able to see in the web the physical location of the place being searched. If you have your business listed and the customer types in a keyword, they will be able to see the physical location, faster and easier. Depending on how you have placed your website, you may even include a photo shot of your place or your product for promotion purposes.

Here are three simple steps on how to have your website placed in Google Maps:
1. Go to Google Places, build a company listing.
2. Enroll an address. You can also incorporate in this area the store hours, a photo shot of the place and cross streets near you.
3. Validation. This process may take a while as Google will send the PIN to your placement via a post card. This is also one way of making sure the address is valid. Once you have received it you can activate your account in Google Maps.

What will you benefit if you have your business listed in Google Maps? In online marketing competition is stiff. If your competitors are listed in said services and you are not then they are ahead of you by one step. In the world of online business, you have to know your competitors to be able to succeed.

Since the service is for free, then what is preventing you from taking advantage of it? You should utilize it to the fullest. Once you are in Google Maps listing, you will be given ample space to write something about your business. Here you can include a photo of your place or services offered. This is free promotion for your business at no cost. A sure way to get your business recognized.

The goal of every website owner is to place in first page of Google search engines. What a better way to start than by taking advantage of this service by Google Maps. Come to think of it, this is already optimisation. Google Maps acts like a recommendation center in the web. Customers search and it recommends your website. The more frequent your site is visited, the more popular it is. One way Google basis its ranking is on popularity. So you got your website a free ride to first page ranking.

Since you already have your website up in Google Maps, all that needs to be done is to improve it. You can also check out some ways to improve Google map placement in your local area.

Be consistent. No matter how many businesses you may have listed in Google maps as long as you build a consistent name, address and phone number, you will not be lost. Consistency is the game for Google to recognize your website as legal and valid.

Since you will be having customers comments, value their feedback. Get those much needed reviews. It is useful in building your portfolio for other customers to see. In the business of customer service, referrals are valuable.

And importantly, be in the right business category. Check out the details as to where you have listed your website. This is one way of getting the right traffic. Customers will visit your website once they get the correct information.

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