Having your website in Google Map Listing

Having your website placed in Google Map Listing and making it visible in the World Wide Web is one thing. Using this to optimise your website is also another process.

There are no definite ways as to how Google would process the data they get from the listings, one thing sure; it will help optimise your website. Being in Google Map listing really helps as most people when they do not know where to look would go for this option. If you are listed then chances are your website will be visited. Not only hundreds but millions of people are browsing the web every day. With right placement, you will be able to get optimised then the chance of being seen is increased.

Here are some factors that contribute to Google Map Listings:


Local Google map listing. If you want to rate locally, you have to be located in that place. A good example is real estate. You will most likely be found easily if you have business in your local area. This applies to most business.


Place your business in the right category. This should help you define what your business is. Customers look for business according to category. Make sure you are listed under the correct category.

Keyword in business name

Keyword is still important. Use the right keyword in your listings. If you could not be found in categories, make sure your keywords are significant enough.

Citation Quantity

Called as the “new links”, citations are as important as your keywords. It goes to show that Google also relies on popularity. The more citations you have the more popular you are and the bigger is the chance of being seen in Google map listings.

Complete your profile

There are lots of businesses like yours in the web. The thing that will differentiate you from the others is your profile. Customers would know the difference once they check your profile.

Consistent data

As mentioned there are lots of similar businesses in the web. How you present your data in Google map listing will help you survive in this competitive world. Nothing beats an organized data. Customers that you had before will still be able to trace your whereabouts with those data that they had before.

Reviews and Ratings

If you have not realized it yet, a Google map is basically a recommendation engine. What do you do when you have all the data? People turn to Google maps for directions. It is where reviews and recommendations are written. In essence, it is an advertisement page which recommends places and businesses.


To gain more popularity you have to be near the center. Being near the area of business helps.

Related data

Usually at the bottom page, this is where recommendation for other related data is found. Points the customer to other business related to the one that is being viewed.

SEO factors

There might be traditional SEO factors that affect Google maps listing, like keyword usage. Other factors may have slight significance. It all contributes to one and the same goal.

With all of these factors seen, one will be able to optimise and put into consideration things that need to be done to get a place in Google rankings. Ultimately the goal is to be seen in Google and this is what it does.

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