Local Directory Advertising

To be seen and heard in your local area. As with any other business, you have to penetrate first the local market. Look for free local directory advertising when you have saturated it already, outside or international market follows.

Usually done by big time players in the web, is they saturate first the local market, which is not so difficult to do if your product or services is good and one knows how to market properly.

Long before the world wide web was invented, we had to depend upon the telephone directory yellow pages  to look for classified advertisement for a certain product that we are looking for. Converted now to  Internet Yellow Pages, life gets better. One does not have to turn the pages one by one to look for business, now what needs to be done is just to input a keyword or the name of the product and in seconds you will see the choices laid out in front of your eyes to feast upon. How to be in these listings is another thing that we could take up.

To give an overview of being listed in internet yellow pages, one needs to sign up in Google Maps, there are steps available in the web. To be seen and heard in Google, you have to be popular. The more customers will go to your website the more popular you will be. That is why backlinks are done to optimise a website.

Targeting your local market could be easy. If your area is not that big, the more easier it would be. Establish a local feed, this is the place wherein all local business is listed and it has to be updated at a certain frequency to  establish placement. Each business owner may be able to check their standing.

During the times of telephone directory yellow pages, you can only check and read the telephone number and the location, nowadays, aside from the name and location, you will be able to include a photo or even a video and a simple voiced description of the place. More personalized. It pays off. As most of the time customers tend to be trendy, they pick out what they think is more popular.

Most people does not have the time to sit in front of their laptop and check out the details. This is the time to go mobile. Most mobile gadgets can accommodate google maps application. Make use of this to market your product.

There are ways to be on top of Google search engine. Doing it the traditional way of optimisation or using some cash to work your way up to the top. Pay per clicks is one safe way to get there. With this paid search you will be able to target your customers.  Customised advertising that will be applicable  to your product. That way you can be sure that when the process is done, your website is  on the top. You can try running a search or even have it ranked. You will be surprised at how it will work for you.

Your search engine optimisation process will be targeted locally as well. There is only a slight difference in the geographical location for SEO purposes between local and international.

Go local first, after you get used to it, then time to think global.

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