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Bringing in the results with Local Search Engine Optimisation

Give us a Skype Call NowIt is all over the web nowadays. We hear it, we see it, we are involved in it. Search Engine Optimisation - SEO. Just what is it about this three worded phrase that has everybody going agog over it.

You may have the best web design, the most interesting content, the most neatly and professionally done website. If you have no traffic or customers going to your website, it is useless. This is where Search Engine Optimisation or SEO comes in. It is the marketing arm of your website. It takes care of generating sales for your website. SEO as defined in Wikipedia is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines using different techniques of optimisation.

Amongst several search engines, Google is the most sought after, if you can make it in google, you can make it anywhere. How to optimise a website is achieved by several different methods and techniques. Here is where most of website owners or internet marketers are at a crossroad. Whether they are just starting our or already experts ion the field of marketing. Internet marketing is far more different. Here we deal with statistics. How to be on top of these statistics does not require a secret formula. All it needs is the right combination. Good SEO company with the right people working in it and hard work with the correct strategy.

Here are some facts that will help you determine why you need to optimise your website;

  • 1.3 billion people from all the world use the web everyday, for whatever purpose it may serve them best
  • 85% of these users utilize the use of search engines when looking for the things that they need
  • those websites which are on the top 10 get 80% more exposure than those in the lower spots
  • 25% or less of internet users will not bother going beyond the first page of their search, which means that most of the percentage of the internet users look in the first page. So good luck if your website is not there.

Aside from these facts it would also be beneficial to have your website optimised as this would also bring you other more benefits such as:

  • Awareness of brand - the people will know what you are selling and associate your website with that product
  • Gives your company more credibility - word spreads like fire in the web, if your work is good, there would lots of inquires and offers. This is where money comes in.
  • lead generation - you will have a database of your customer
  • Optimisation helps in calculating your revenue
  • Lower expenses compared other media forms, no clutter no hassle. Everything done in the web. Lesser expense in manpower.

There are several components needed in the success of SEO, let us check on them:

Keywords are the the key. Having the right keywords will make optimisation easier and faster. Just make your keywords are two or three worded phrase. Having a one worded keyword is a waste of time. It could be so general it that instead of bringing the potential customer to your website, it will come up with other competitor websites. Going local should be key. Penetrate first the local market and build your market from there.

Content. After having made your market aware of your standing in the search engines brought about by the results of a good standing in the websites, you are now faced with the challenge to let them stay, hold their interest and eventually let them buy. Chances are that when the customers look for you in the search engines, they want to buy. Search engines dig content, placing your keywords in the strategic places will help your optimisation process.

Link building. This has become a more popular way of optimisation lately. With lots of websites coming up. With social media marketing in the rise. Relevant links helps a lot and it really works.

HTML Optimisation. Codes, meta tags, title tags, headers, these are just some of the things that HTML uses. Search Engines works with clean codes. Careful and meticulous it may seem, it helps in the optimisation process.

Being able to track where you are placed at the moment is a good thing. This is the beauty of SEO. It makes you aware of your placement and gives you ample time to to make theses solutions work for you. Having in mind these above mentioned components will benefit the most in the SEO process. These are actually the basics of a good process.

Why do you need to optimise your website?

Having a website is not the end all and be all of the process in internet marketing. As in any other business there is a need to advertise. This the advertisement or the marketing arm of your website. The need to optimise arises from the need to make your product or services sell online. And the reason why you had a website built in the first place is because you see a market for such product in the web. I am not an economic buff, but I understand to the part that as long as there is a demand then there is a market. For who would buy if there is demand. Just as saying that who would sell online if there are potential customers? Businessmen put up a business because they see the potential in this business. Admitting that SEO is not a simple process that is why there are tools that will help. Gather all the data first then study and then do what has to be done to market the website. The components where already taken up, it is now up to the company that you would hire to do the necessary strategy to put the website to optimised on top. It cannot be done in 24 hours time. The more reason why we should be more skeptical when a company or an individual contractor offers the number spot in one day. Even the best of the best has to wait for the process to take effect before it enjoyed where it is now. If you are thinking the online marketing is one tough world. You are right exactly. The competition is not only local but world wide.

There are five questions needed to be answered before hiring an SEO company:

  1. What is the highest rank that the company has achieved for its client? Check the website and see how it is doing the in the rankings.
  2. Retention rate of clients. A good company is never without a satisfied client. In fact customers are your best referrals. You do not pay them, but they recommend you. Good customer service really pays off.
  3. How may people are there working for this company? This is to ensure that when a client needs people working for him, he will not be put in line for the next available personnel to do the job. Providing immediate solution is the answer.
  4. What is the company's measure of success? The SEO process is a success if that website is already earning and the sales are coming in, which means that the website is in the correct place.
  5. Lastly, experience counts. Getting professionals to the job saves you a lot in the end. You may think you have saved in getting a much lower quotation however, check the results.

With these guidelines one will have lessened the mistake in getting a good SEO Company. We at Classic Web Solutions strive hard to provide you with all these things. We understand how SEO works.

Get a quotation now and see how it compares with anybody else.

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One of our thousand Delighted Clients' Testimonials

"Thank you to you and all your team, especially Isabelle and your wonderful web designers for the great service. We were looked after from day one, and we are really happy with the result. Your company has provided us with a professional and affordable service. Because of your helpful advice and friendly manner, dealing with you and your company has been a pleasure. Thanks again. "

Colleen and Robert Reilly
R & C Reilly Painters and Decorators


Some of our many Customer's website optimized can be viewed below.

Client's URL Keyword Phrase/s Google Placement (SERP's) car alarms melbourne
melbourne car immobilisers
Page 1 - No 1
Page 1 - No 1 possum catcher
possum removal
Page 1 - No 1
Page 1 - No 4 bus hire brisbane
mini bus hire brisbane
Page 1 - No 2
Page 1 - No 1

Please note: These search engine rankings are correct as of 20 Mar 2013. Rankings changes on a regular basis.

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