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  1. Give us a Skype Call NowClassic Web Solutions is referred thereafter as "the company" or as "Company", and the customer as "The client" or "client".
  2. Classic Web Solutions will fulfil the following services for the client, regardless of the option chosen:
    • Optimise and set up web sites for a maximum search engine placement. Make necessary recommendation to client or to client's Webmaster concerning eventual changes of the site in order to achieve maximum placement.
    • Submission Bronze Level is monthly. Silver Level is 48 hour refreshing database.
    • Determining the Google algorithm is no easy task. The best approach is to ensure that we keep within the guidelines laid out by major search engines such as Google. More than ever, the development of strong linking with other web sites is essential in achieving top positions.
    • Google make regular updates to algorithm, ranking may be affected by the Google update. When this happens Classic Web Solutions will advice and the necessary optimisation techniques will need to be applied.
    • Google can take 1 year to index your website.
  3. Most of our search engine techniques are done manually. However we are now using two leading software programs to assist in the process.
  4. Length of contractual agreement: every single agreement is based on a two-year contract involving monthly submissions in all cases. The client may cancel this yearly contractual agreement at any time with no penalty by simply giving the company a 30 days notice.
  5. Payment: work preparation is payable in advance along with at minimum the first quarter of year submission costs upfront regardless of the amount of sites to be submitted. Monthly submissions will be paid either upfront or quarterly.
  6. All orders are non-refundable. By accepting the company's services, the client gives up any right for a refund.
  7. The company will not guarantee the acceptance of any listing by any search engines or directories. The company will not guarantee either placement of any listing on any search engines or any directories. Such elements are defined by search engines and directories at their discretion only. Therefore it is impossible to guarantee such aspect of the results from our side of the Internet. No claims will be able to be made regarding acceptance of the listing and/or its placement on any given search engines and/or directories.
  8. Most companies will require more than one optimisation before appearing on the first page of the Search Engine. This strictly depends on the submissions of the client competitor's website on the search Engines.
  9. It is the client's responsibility to provide the company with all appropriate keywords in English. The company will assist fully the client in electing the most adequate keywords/keyword combinations for a maximum optimisation.
  10. Only when applicable: Although the company will fully assist the client in transferring potential web sites to the company's servers, it is however the clients' responsibility to instruct their current service provider to comply with transfer instructions. Any delays resulting from potential transfer will not be the company's responsibility in any regard.
  11. Should any of client's URLs (whether referring to main web site or mirror sites) be hosted by a third party, it will be the client's responsibility to provide the company with upload access information for optimisation purpose. If client decides to handle upload matters, the company would then e-mail the information to be uploaded directly to the client (In this case, the company would not be responsible for any upload mistakes.)
  12. The client will be responsible to provide the company with all his/her competitors' information. Although this is not mandatory, it is recommended that company/client inform of all web sites to his/her knowledge constituting competition to the client. It is extremely helpful for the company in order to determine maximum keyword optimisation.
  13. By ordering the company's services, the client accepts all the terms and conditions herewith mentioned. Each search engine have there own terms and conditions available on their website for review,

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"We were looking for a new website and Payless Desktop Publishing Services P/L was recommended and approached in regards to providing this solution for us. We were extremely happy with the pre-sales service in presenting the product and options to us.

Their service and technical support during the setting up of the website were very informative and we were more than impressed with the final outcome of this site. We would have no hesitation in recommending CWS, if you are looking for any website production or management services. "

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