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Search Engine (SEO) Friendly Content Solutions

Give us a Skype Call NowStarting or writing a content for a website can be both easy and hard at the same time. First of all let us check what a content is. Simply put, it is what the website contains. The services it offers to the customer. How it could be of use to the customer. A website should have rich content, should be able to satisfy the customers needs.

Writing for content can be very exciting, as you get to write for different topics for and each one has to be unique from the other. The goal is to write for a website and promote the services or the products of the website. Flexibility.

Going over SEO content writing, it's main purpose is to draw visitors to your website. This is all about how to optimise a website. That is why content writing is in every way an integral part of SEO. They have been so intertwined that each becomes a part of one another.

Let us take a closer look at how it is done.

Having a website means the start of a new beginning. A new business to attend to but once started correctly will work like clockwork and give you full benefits and return of investment. For a website to start earning, it should have "full battle gears" which means it should have the works. Starting with content. The web design will be a given, because once it is attractive, surely visitors will check it out. Depending on what your genre will be. The web design should fit it. No awkward pauses. Strategical placement of several factors which contribute to a great website.

How to build a great content? What makes a great content?

To answer these questions, we look at five factors. Keywords, links, structure, relativity and uniqueness, and, appeal.


Keywords, the importance of which can never be stressed enough in an article or a content. The main character in the story. Played and used wisely, they could make your website shot to the top pages of google. There are elements which make up keyword usage as well.

  • Make use of headings - attractive headings will make a customer look twice. Use variations. They help contribute to the monotony of the website.
  • Bold keywords - to get attention and to get maximum effect, bold keywords should on top of the content to gather maximum effect.
  • Title Tag - this should be optimised properly. Use your exact keywords in your tag to maximise optimisation.
  • Body Text - use the keywords relatively in the body of the article. Optimise them in such a way that it is contributed strategically in the whole content.
  • Outbound Links - just do not overdo your linking process, but this has been proven to increase ranking.
  • Variations - it pays to use variations on your keywords, just make sure to use two or three worded ones so as not to waste time with Google ranking

With these factors involved in keyword usage, the outcome would spell a whole lot of difference.


Link building has been used to direct traffic back to a website. There are things which could contribute to a successful link building;

  • Resource page - a page that shows the "how to" in a website, a place where one could go back to
  • Be the first to break news - being the first to break news in a certain area. This could be quite difficult but research and resourcefulness will help you out.
  • Do your home work - In any endeavor, doing research pays off, internet marketing requires research and it should be updated
  • Make work fun - do not forget the most important thing, put a smile in your work. A little humour will not harm. It is welcome break in a serious world.


Content structure should be interesting enough to hold a customers attention. That is why we have the following points to consider;

  • Make your paragraphs short - it could be a long content however if broken down into short paragraphs, website visitors will not be able to feel it.
  • Make use of visual images - it breaks the monotony of looking at the words in the website. Pictures speaks more than words.
  • See the headings - headings usually reveal what the content would be
  • Check your spelling and grammar - a website with a lot of wrongly spelled words and grammar lapses would make you think twice whether it was done professionally or not. Take time to check these factors.
  • Do it with ease - Straight to the point, it should not be too lengthy or too wordy. Conversation like and should have a natural flow. This way it will be able to reach out to the customer.

Relativity and Uniqueness

Topics should be related and unique. Uniqueness should apply to the content itself. Once you have a topic for content, work on a unique article and topics should be related so as not to deviate it from what you need to relay to the customers.

  • News from the web - what could be a better source of news that the world wide web itself. Breaking news could be also utilized from this source.
  • Unique Content - for your website to be unique do not copy the content from another site. Create one that will carry your brand.
  • Twist - give it a twist, a little hint here and there won't harm.
  • Your Opinion Matters - as long as you know that are right, write it down.
  • Stay on topic - keep it straight, talk about your topic


What makes people go back to your website? Think of this when you make your website. If a person has that X factor, a website should have appeal. It should be able to circulate in the correct circle.

  • Social Media - know where your niche lies and do some research. Post your links in these related niche.
  • Search Trends - it pays to know new trends in the web. Check out what is new and be the first one to comment
  • Social Networking - makes friends online through social networking, it is the best way to promote your website

Content is everything in a website. It will determines your return of investment. Getting a professional company to provide you with a good writer pays off.

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