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Give us a Skype Call NowThe most difficult part is starting. This applies to almost anything in life. But, once you get it going, then as the saying goes, the ball starts rolling. Starting an online business, there are lots of things to consider. Take out the part where you will have to decide what business to put up. Still there are a lot of things to consider. One of which is marketing. In this age and time we know that online marketing is what makes it.

We at Classic Web Solutions finds ways and means to help you in improving your ranking in search engines. We give the benefits of what you pay for and even more. See the difference of having professionals work for you. Classic Web Solutions will help you in making your online business a success. Check out the our various offers.

Google Locality Map Placement

We are so used to looking in the map for places which we cannot find. It is with great relief to know that we have a map to rely in the web. Google is so smart to think of things like this that it came up with Google Maps. Now you can view the world at the click of your fingers.

Now, whether you are a small or a large company you have to think locally. Reach out in your local area first for this is where your market is. Start doing it now. Google map will help your business get search engine visibility. A much needed one in local business. Having Google Locality Map placement will ensure that whenever customers look for a related topic which includes your business, you are sure to have a visitor in your website. Be sure to include the most common information needed like , location, contact number, what services you offer and your specialty. A photo of your storefront would be a welcome advertisement. Consider also including nearest landmarks to help customers find you easily.

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Bringing in the results with Local Search Engine Optimisation

It is every website owners goal to be on top of search engines. There are ways and means to be in such position. Here are three short but sure tips that will surely put your website in 1st Page Google Placement :

Find the right Keywords

Keyword is the key. Take a look at related topics and you will not miss the important key factor in any other search engine optimisation process. Related keywords is the answer. No matter how good your keywords are if they are not related to your topic or content it will still be a waste of time. There are available tools on the web that would help you generate related keywords. High traffic keywords bring much needed traffic. These are the keywords that are found actually in google top pages. Placed strategically, they would surely place your website in top pages of search engines.

In your Face

Your main page is what customers see when they visit your website. This would actually contain the summary of your website. What is expected in the website and what you have to offer to customers. Overdoing it is a complete no. Customers may get overwhelmed and leave. A natural looking main page with everything in it but not so crowded, with a little hint of everything that you have to offer will make your customers more curious and browse.

A standard website has two or three columns. Do not deviate from the standard if you are just starting. It has worked for years so it must work for you. Just follow the rule of thumb. What yourself cannot understand, do not expect others to.

Backlinks are the links

In relation to your keywords, links will help you as well. Strategic placement of keywords together in your links will help your customers find you on the web. Backlinks are the cornerstone of a successful Google placement.

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Free Local Directory Advertising for Small Business

Just like the yellow pages of a telephone directory, local directory listing is now on the web. How do you get the site listed in such? Most would be through an online interface or contacting the data providers . As long as you get to have your website advertised.

For most people having a business means having to advertise. How and where to advertise is the question. You want people to see what you are selling or what services you offer. What better way than to be in your local directory listings of business in your area. Go local first. You have to be known in your area before you can venture and branch out.

In a world where customers comes first, you will have to care about what their comments are. They are the perfect endorsers of our website. That is why you get to have services for free*.

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Search Engine (SEO) Friendly Content Solutions

What does one mean by SEO friendly content. Your website definitely needs optimisation. Let us assist you in this endeavour. A website can be anything but not friendly. Customers tend to look for one which is nice to see and easy to understand, with rich keyword content. Putting some visual aids now them would greatly help. Pictures speaks a thousand words. Keep it simple and organized. Nothing beats a simple but comprehensive website.

With the above services offered, how can one afford to look for other websites. Here at Classic Web Solutions we provide you with solutions to your web problems at an affordable price. Solutions at your fingertips.

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One of our thousand Delighted Clients' Testimonials

"Black Oxide Metal Finishers is delighted with the response from our new web site. The results over the last 12 mths have been encouraging and we have cancelled our advertisement in the yellow pages.

We would like to thank Classic Web Solutions for encouraging us to have a web site."

Neville Doherty

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